Medici Portraits at the Stibbert Museum

“Medici Portraits at the Stibbert Museum”, è online.
Felice di aver collaborato a questa virtual exhibition, dedicata ai ritratti della dinastia Medici presenti nella quadreria del Museo Stibbert di Firenze.

We are proud to present the virtual exhibition, “Medici Portraits at the Stibbert Museum.” Frederick Stibbert, a British citizen, divided his time between London and Florence, where he pursued his passion for collecting art. Although best known for its collection of ancient armor and weapons, the museum also houses paintings from the 16th to the 19th centuries. This exhibition reflects not only Stibbert’s interest in costumes and armor, but also his regard for historical paintings, and most of all, for Medici portraits.
The virtual exhibition’s portraits depict members of the Medici family in their many roles, as they were viewed in their lifetime.
This exhibition has been created in collaboration with students of the Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici/Marist College Master of Arts in Museum Studies program. A huge thanks to
Christopher Baldwin, Christine Carletta, Julia Chen, Sarah Combs, Jomarie Pérez Serrano, Kaitlin Phillips, and Kimberly Woodward

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